What is the difference between Chevrolet Blazer in China versus the U.S.?

What is the difference between Chevrolet Blazer in China versus the U.S.?

Chevrolet Blazer is about to launch in the U.S. The Chevrolet blades await the choice of FF or 4WD drive on a 2.5 litre or 3.6 litre petrol engine. 

When I checked the U.S. launch information, I couldn’t find the Chevrolet Blazer model for 7 people. As I mentioned earlier, the Chevrolet launch model in China reflected the same design under a different name and was waiting to be released. 

So let’s see what it’s about. 

1. Chinese concept 

The commercial version of the Chevrolet Blazer in China is unveiled as a concept design. Differentiating from the U.S. Chevrolet Blazer uses the same design, but differs in size and number of passengers. 

It will be released as a Chinese exclusive model and its name is Chevrolet FNR-CarryAll concept. We’re waiting for the release of the concept model in the Chinese market. 

China’s Chevrolet is open to the public for its size and variety of information. 

Perhaps interested in China’s Chevrolet Blazer, a seven-seater tri-column model, is the reason to expect lower prices. 

So they expect it to fit well if it’s released in China as well as elsewhere. 

It’s a good configuration, like the price, size, number of people on board, the world market. 

2. U.S. Blazer 

On the other hand, the U.S. Blazer released a price tag of $30,000 for the lowest 2WD trim and $53,000 for the full option. 

Wouldn’t high prices lower our competitive edge when released in the world market? It makes you wonder. 

And that’s what’s driving the appetite: the Chevrolet Blazer, a seven-seat model that’s.

Unlike the United States, China’s SUV market is a bit greedy as it comes in at about $20,000 in price range.

Some of you may have doubts about the quality of China, but the design and the details are not to be ignored, and the Chevrolet car made in China is a vehicle that is greedy.

3. Size Comparison

For the U.S. version of Blazer, it’s 4,917mm, full width (1,915mm), full height (1,745mm), wheelbase (2,857mm).

China’s Chevrolet Blazer version will be available in full range (5,000mm), full width (2258mm) and full height (1,693mm).

There are no seven-seater models available in the world market, but China seems to be interested in a seven-seater because it is expected to see Chevrolet Blazers with different sizes.

It’s not decided yet, but if the Chevrolet Blazer is released in Korea, it’s going to be a five-seat. So you won’t see seven Chevrolet Blazers in the world market. 

The video below shows a Chinese Chevrolet Blazer concept. Let’s take a minute or more to see how much the same design reflects.


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